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Military and a Mate

Started by Kentari Firebane at Dec 01, 2019 8:33 pm
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2,440 Summers Nightmare Crusade Kasvetli 5' 3

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Technically, Kentari also has room for younger siblings and was supposed to have a few, but I don't have anything specific in mind for them.

Advisers and Battle Commanders

Most likely, there are varying advisers and battle commanders for the Nightmare Crusade. Also most likely, these advisers and battle commanders have been with the Crusade for a good long time. Some of these may have even served as part of the military under Avari, the ruler of Harche'el before Kentari and Kentari's parent. While Kentari had to fight to get the throne back, eventually the rightful line was restored to power, and Kentari still has the Crusade in tact. Since Kentari is now mostly concerned with handling Harche'el and ruling the entirety of Sarizobahael, most of the day to day management of the Crusade probably falls to varying commanders.

Royal Guard

The Crusade probably has some members of the royal guard, and perhaps there was one in place before the Crusade moved in. I would also not be surprised if the guard is steadily being replaced with Crusaders, because Kentari trusts them more firmly than the forces that were there when Shynriia, the usurper, was in power. This has potential to become a mess, even if only because the guard that was already in place is getting a little salty about being replaced (but quite frankly can you blame Kentari for that one), and I greatly suspect the royal guard is managed by Navan, Kentari's mate.


Theoretically this person would be independent of the Nightmare Crusade, and probably part of the military of Ur-Padma itself, or perhaps Remoria, the Harche'elian capital. This is up to whomever takes this role. However, they'd be the commander of one of these two militia, maybe both, and may have very mixed feelings about the Nightmare Crusade suddenly being present. The military of Remoria has been at war with the Nightmare Crusade for so long it's probably a bit of something to get accustomed to anyway, particularly given Kentari tends to favour the Crusade. This has a lot of potential to be a dramatic mess, if anyone wanted to make it a dramatic mess, or they could just learn to work together. Either one.

The Mate

Kentari's current mate, not first, Kentari had Asmodeus with Cahirin, but Cahirin was betrayed by the Fallen Legion and murdered. This current mate is 100% vasi in blood, and is named Navan Duskrain, related to the Duskrain brood that used to run the Firebrand Flight before it was destroyed. Navan is one of very few of their siblings still living, the rest of them being Seivrinth, Sheyanth, Jeranith. Suyis theoretically is alive, but being scattered dust in the Fade isn't conducive to doing most of the things living people do. Anyway, aside from being related to the Duskrains, kind of a mellow type of person, and a white vasi, there really isn't much else decided. Kentari is kind of a crazy whirlwind, and Navan sort of acts as a grounding counterpoint. Kentari's stubborn, though, so Navan probably needs to be too. Navan and Kentari have two children, Balssysn and Inxae, and Inxae has a mate, Edornis, who also happens to be bonded to Shey, and they have a child called Moraxin, so Navan is a grandparent now. Asmodeus also ended up mating, with Suyis incidentally, and they had Tihaanth, and this particular familial tie gets weird so don't think about it too much rofl. Tihaanth mated Arael, and they have an egg at the moment, too, so the brood's getting larger.

Considering the Duskrains used to number 16 on just two generations, it's probably kind of nice.