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Started by Kasarionth Starsear at Nov 24, 2019 6:22 pm
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2,199 Summers Circle of Light Warg (Vasi, Sieral) 5' 9

Grief is the price we pay for love.

These sort of intersect with Arsirien, and probably Sanin and Kilithel in some cases.

Military Advisers

Once upon a time, Kasarionth had to have quite a number of military tactic inclined friends. Most of them, likely, were former Dalmascan military folk that turned against the Dalmascan regime and sided with Kasarionth, so it's quite possible they were present for the fall of Dalmasca and Jihon, or are descended from those that were. These folk might still be with Ur-Savisa, helping Arsirien run the layer, but may also have gone to one of the three Houses, or even moved to a different layer's Warlord. Either way, they're likely still friends with Kasarionth and probably Sanin, too.

Lzutapez Nobility

We use the term nobility quite loosely, but once upon a time, there were nobles on Lzutapez, and Kasarionth made friends with a few. Again, some of these could've been present when Kasarionth unified the layer, and may also be simply descended from those that were. Either way, they're likely still on good terms with Kasarionth. There is a family house, the Ashwinds, a lineage of sieral, that were very instrumental in Kasarionth's rise to power. Unfortunately, their head of house at the time, Livaras, committed suicide, and that left the house without a leader. What happened to this house after is up in the air and it could be adopted by someone, but Kasarionth would've helped any way possible for sure. The Ashwinds commanded a large amount of the farmland and vineyard on the layer, and likely still do.

Family Members

Kasarionth's family line was at one time very expansive. Both parents had siblings, so there are likely aunts and uncles, cousins, and so on out there. It's also not strange to think Kasarionth and Sanin had more children than just the two, so there could be others after or in between. There's a huge age gap between Arsirien and Kilithel, so there's plenty of room.