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I See Things Squad

Started by Inxae Duskbane at Nov 24, 2019 3:39 pm
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1,864 Summers Nightmare Crusade Kasvetli-Vasi 5' 5

And I must live, knowing of all these fates I cannot change.

The Empath Friend

First off, we have Inxae's empath friend; empathy is a dual-edged sword and can be extremely volatile, as untrained, an empath is just a receptacle for all the world's emotional and mental information whether they want it or not, so this friend's kind of delicate, and has spent most of their life somewhat sequestered away from everything due to the shades and how easy it was for an empath to get caught up in shade-rage (to the point most empaths are dead now). This friend and Inxae are pretty close because both are often fully aware of things they shouldn't generally be, and both see things they shouldn't, and came to understand one another fairly easily.

The Vasi Friend

As a youngling, Inxae went exploring fairly frequently, and became best friends with a vasi hybrid. This particular vasi hybrid helped Inxae learn a little more about Inxae's own vasin heritage, and is and has always been a bundle of energy and wildness. This friend doesn't really follow the rules; one can't call them bad or anything, they just dance to the beat of their own drum, even if they're the only one that can hear that beat. Inxae's always been, in contrast, a little on the shy and reserved side, so this friend made it a personal goal in life to get Inxy out of the shell a little. It kind of worked. Kind of.