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Advisers and Friends

Started by Arsirien Starsear at Nov 24, 2019 3:05 pm
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Ur-Savisa's Warmaster

This want is fully open, but most likely there is at least one, but potentially a couple, warmasters in Ur-Savisa. These act as military commanders for Ur-Savisa's forces when Arsirien can't do so directly. They may be hold-overs from when Kasarion was still acting Warlord, so it's possible they have notable ties to the Starsear family in general, but at least get along with and like Arsirien. They may be pretty close friends, they may not be.

Ur-Savisa's Head Healer

It's tradition now, that every head-healer in Ur-Savisa is an ilim, established by Kasarion when Ur-Savisa was first built. The head-healer at the time was an older ilim named Merenwen, whom also helped raise Kasarion and Kasarion's siblings, Inariel and Caelon. Most likely is this head-healer helped raise Kilithel, but probably not Arsirien, as Arsirien was born when Merenwen still lived, and it's more likely that Arsirien was half-raised by Merenwen too.

Blade Forcers

Arsirien is the first to fluidly blend Force usage and swordsmanship into a single, cohesive combat style. As such, there are likely quite a few people across Yanan that have travelled to Ur-Savisa seeking Arsirien's tutelage. Whether Arsirien actually teaches them anything or not is probably in the air; Arisiren's not exactly a very generous person, but also isn't truly unkind either, and probably just has unknown and slightly random standards. I'm sure a few got taught something or other.

Childhood Friend

So Arsirien was born not long after the fall of Dalmasca, and saw the fall of Jihon, this was some two thousand years ago, so most likely any friend that qualifies as a childhood friend of Arsirien's is about that old. Arsirien's pretty random and seems to have strange and unspoken standards and methods of operation, so to most, Arsirien is a bundle of confusing. This friend would probably be one of the only Kazan on Yanan that can easily make sense of Arsirien's babbling, and most likely ended up an advisor of some kind, if only because they're the only ones that can figure out what Arsirien means.

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