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Started by Morgyn Emberstar at Dec 31, 2019 5:19 pm
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We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory. And our great tragedy.

That wasn't intentional. On the one hand, Morgyn would much rather avoid setting foot on Nebaelen ever again. On the other, well, since teleporting decided to drop the sieral on Nebaelen of all places, maybe there was a reason why. Of course, there may not be a reason at all. But when you lived as long as Morgyn had, you started believing in there being a reason for everything, because if there wasn't a reason, it all just hurt for the sake of hurting. And that was depressing.

Well, Morgyn was here. The sieral could just teleport back out, but that got tiring, and besides, if the Fade had decided Morgyn needed to be here, then it would be very rude about making the sieral stay. And having a Force-war with the Fade of all things sounded like a migraine waiting to happen. And really, Damian had just given Morgyn a migraine the other day. Morgyn really wasn't interested in another one.

Wandering around and having a look at how reconstruction efforts were going wouldn't hurt anything. With that thought in mind, Morgyn sighed, chose a random direction, and walked that way. It was easier than deliberating over the current predicament much longer than Morgyn already had.

The Sparkling Cities had been created on Nebaelen because Nebaelen was the halfway point between Artenap and Kai'non. Due to that, the fifth layer had become the trade centre, the layer no one race controlled where all races came to do business. It meant that Nebaelen was the only true neutral ground. Other layers had massive wars and cataclysmic clashes that destroyed and spilt blood. Nebaelen didn't. And when you needed a central location for a series of cities for something so neutral and universal as Force usage, Nebaelen seemed perfect.

But everything goes away.

Without the fog cover from the sea, Nebaelen was bright. Morgyn raised one arm, shielding green eyes from the light of the suns. Both were in the sky now, so it wasn't as bright as it could be. Oh, the new market stalls were up... it was nice to see Nebaelen hadn't crumbled in the time since the shade wars, even if some part of Morgyn thought it should've. Well, the Sparkling Cities sure paid the price for their transgressions. As had far too many others, but that was a lament for another day.

Ohh, sparkly... Morgyn got distracted, following the shine of something; a jewellery stall, of course. What else would distract Morgyn of all people? Despite liking so many of the pieces on display, Morgyn eventually narrowed it down to two. A nice red teardrop necklace in silver, and a simple star pendant in gold.

Unfortunately, making decisions about one's spending habits was not one of Morgyn's strengths. Eventually, the sieral turned around and stopped the first person in reach. "Hey, hi, sorry, I can't decide," Morgyn said, holding up the necklaces. "Which one? I'm thinking gold looks better with my complexion but this teardrop is sparkly and I like sparkly." And maybe in a minute or two, Morgyn would apologise for being so rude. ... maybe not though.