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Military, Family, You know the drill

Started by Telrohir Darkrain at Dec 02, 2019 3:19 am
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1,100 Summers Linaesin Sieral 5' 11

And when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches, we found that we were one tree, and not two.


Telrohir ascended to status as ruler of the sieralian nation because the god of water said, "This one, this one's your ruler now," and the sieral were like "What the fuck? I mean, okay." Telrohir was, at the time, the head of the clergy of said god of water, and was about as bewildered as everyone else. (No, Iaal did not pass this message on through Telrohir, but instead manipulated the lake around Ur-Sadriel to get the point across. It was quite the spectacle.)

But Telrohir had been a servant since birth, and had no idea how to lead. Honestly, still has no idea how to lead, so advisors that are trustworthy are necessary. And probably well-appreciated.

Most likely are also nobility that are part of the high council, as each head of a sieralian noble house has a place on the high council and Telrohir does listen to them too, even if their ideas are... well, stupid.... may not actually do anything with those ideas, but they'll be heard at least!

Royal Guard

Obviously the sieral have a royal guard. This is tied into the Linaesin, so you know go join the Linaesin. Lol!

Adoptive Auncle

Telrohir was adopted by one Morohtar Darkrain, who used to lead the Linaesin and died during the shade wars, quite recently actually, and Morohtar had a sibling. I have nothing in mind for this one, but they're probably pretty damned depressed. I'd also like if this one tied into either royal guard or advisor, or both, because I think Telrohir would put a lot of weight on this one's thoughts, and even go out of the way to ask for those thoughts. No one really ever taught Telrohir to lead, all that's at disposal is what Morohtar managed to teach before the coronation and it wasn't honestly much, so whatever help and advice Telrohir can get, is definitely heeded.

In any case, with Morohtar gone, I imagine Telrohir would probably make a point of pestering and going to see them a lot. They're the only family Telrohir has left besides Seivrinth, now.