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Vasi Mate

Started by Sheyanth Duskrain at Dec 02, 2019 3:12 am
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998 Summers Circle of Light Vasi 6' 1

In chaos, the truth can no longer hide.

Vasi Mate

Sheyanth used to have a mate, and they had a smol together, but neither of the aforementioned have been played in a long time. I'd like to see that changed. Sheyanth is a bleedin' psycho, makes no sense at all. Hard to predict, has a wild nickname for everyone, but is also a very cheerful personality and genuinely tries to make others' days a bit brighter. Shey lives life in the random lane, and spontaneous is the only thing that really comes to mind when trying to describe the red. Shey also does have a temper, but it goes as fast as it comes, and it's usually not really explosive. Unless someone Shey cares about is threatened, then the gloves come off. So to say.

There are times when Shey's quieter. The cheer is kind of a cover to hide the pain of loss, and Shey's notably sobered since the end of the shade wars (to be fair, lost like ten family members). Those times only show around Shey's mate and Edornis, who is Shey's bonded and has been for a long time now (so most likely mate is very familiar with Edornis). The only thing I had in mind for this mate is they're a healer, and maybe not being as overly excitable as Shey is might be a good idea.