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More Military and Family; Oh and a Mate

Started by Sahura Desertstorm at Dec 02, 2019 3:07 am
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There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days.

Seeing a trend here yet? Lol!

Warmasters and Advisers

There are probably a number of these. Basically, tl;dr version of this is that Sahura essentially got pissed off at Ephimeloh's settlements taking constant pot-shots at each other over territory, and conquered one tribe, and then used the combined double-tribe to conquer another, and on, until they all had unified under the same banner. Then, Sahura gave back their lands, and established trade routes between them, and that stopped the fighting over resources.

Over time, those settlements grew in size and expanded into one another, and then formed this huge lump of settlement that eventually became Ur-Saqqara. So now Ur-Saqqara looks like it's led by Sahura, but the truth is a little different, it's more of an oligarchy, because Sahura listens to the leaders of the tribes that make up Ur-Saqqara rather than ruling entirely solo. Sure, ultimately the final decision is Sahura's, but which decision that is often is influenced by fellow tribe leaders.

So, yeah it doesn't really suck to be under Sahura's lead. Lol

Royal Guard

We kind of use this term loosely because it's really more like Sahura defends the royal guard rather than they defend Sahura, but you know, semantics. Also, not all of the Storms are as untouchable as Sahura is, so surely there's some productivity to be found following Sethron and Atenra around. Following Sethron around might be a little difficult since Sethron's often off somewhere with Jeranith, Sethron's bonded vasi, who happens to have a mate and a child, so they're running all over Yanan a lot. Atenra at least holds still and tends to remain either in the House of the Sun, which Atenra leads, or in Ur-Saqqara hanging out with Sahura.


Sahura has several siblings, notably at least one sister, but probably some brothers. Technically they're supposed to be younger, save the one sister who's older. They probably have roles to play on Ephimeloh and in its court, so most likely any other Storms present on the sixth layer have position. These siblings can be combined with either of the two wants up there.

Mate Person

This is entirely open-ended, so you can do whatever you like here. I will mention Sahura is kind of picky, and I honestly don't know what his type is. Seems like level-headed calm sorts are solid ideas, someone that doesn't expect Sahura to constantly be the tower of strength that inevitably is what Storms are known for... and lets weakness seep in here and there. Someone Sahura can be Sahura around, instead of the Warlord of Ephimeloh or the unifier of Ephimeloh, or the founder of the House of the Sun, or whatever the hell it is today.

Sahura rears children strangely; while Sahura will advise and try to guide the other Storms, and will teach them to defend themselves, ultimately, they rise and fall on their own. Of course, if they ask for help, absolutely Sahura is there, and if they get into a dangerous situation they can't handle then somebody's gettin a pissy jackal up in their face, but Sahura believes in making them self-sufficient, as much as possible, because Sahura won't always be there. So ideally, any mate of Sahura's would be aware of this particular method of child-rearing and agree with it, because Sahura doesn't change for anybody.

Only request for this is, no vasi, because Sahura has one child played already and a grandchild, and it'd mess them up a little to suddenly have vasi genes. ... I also don't know what mixing a shifting creature with another shifting creature would do.


There's always room for more *storm children. Always. Just be aware that the Storms operate a certain way; see above about child-rearing, which was actually passed onto Sethron, and remember Sahura has no concept of closed doors, either figuratively or literally... they have weirdly powerful senses of justice, of honour, and highly value integrity and are often the ones screaming for change when no one else dares even whisper. Certain traits tend to pass on, and Sahura does not tolerate corruption and will just snap a neck, even if that neck is of Sahura's own blood.