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A Few Good Vasi

Started by Mnemen Starstrider at Dec 01, 2019 8:49 pm
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2,372 Summers Ironscale Flight Vasi 6'

Sometimes you have to let go of who you want to be, in order to become who you're meant to be.


So there are two other wingleaders besides Mnem and the only requirement is they'll have to have been with the Ironscales for a shorter amount of time than Mnem has been, but close. That's it. Vasin flights generally run on seniority and physical stature. Larger vasi are better suited to combat, and thus are better suited to being a wingleader, and the wingleader is the larger vasi that has been with the flight the longest, with the other two after chosen in the same manner. I'm not picky about who takes these slots, just remember that Mnem doesn't suffer fools lightly.

Original Flight Members

Mnem used to lead a flight called the Annyocharis, in draconic this means last hope, or something similar I can't remember. Anyway, it was a small flight that Mnem led across the layers from Nebaelen to take shelter with the Ironscales at the Ramoth Mountains, and at the time Mnem had no intention of becoming the Ironscale Wingleader, it just happened, so here they are. I'd like a few members of the original flight played, because Mnem probably turns to them for advice and treats them like advisors if they're up for filling the role. (Having a constant headache makes it hard to decision.)

House of the Stars Warlord

Whomever this is, they're probably on good terms with Mnem. Mnemen was born at the House of the Stars and has spent a lot of time fighting with the military of the house. Mnem first started to learn to lead at the House, by the warlord giving the vasi a little extra command power here and there; after all, larger vasi eventually become wingleaders, and the practice would be good. I actually think the idea of bonding to this person has crossed Mnem's mind before, but Mnem sees them kind of as a parent figure, and finds that a little weird lol. Maybe one of Mnem's blood parents was bonded to this warlord at one time, or still is? Either one.