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New users and interested guests should be aware of the history that Seidhr has behind it. This documentation will be relatively short and succinct, getting the important points across and leaving the rest out. Remember, Seidhr's documentations are purposely cut short to prevent users from needing to read novels to join. As such, if something doesn't make sense, or you want more information or clarification about something, please ask.

The Demon Sovereign

1 AEW (Age of the Elder Wars) - 3992 AOC (Age of Chaos)
7,335 - 1,444 Years Ago

A long time ago, the world of Yanan was one land. The Elder Wars, conflicts between the oldest races that few still remember the details of, did enough damage to the land to break it apart into pieces. The Fade, the space between the world of Yanan and the other dimensions, wrapped around Yanan's pieces and held them apart, but connected together, and so Yanan gained its nine layers.

The races split into other races, empires rose and fell, and the people naturally segregated. The Ra'uel, however, soon became a massive threat to everyone on Yanan, and one person sought to unite the layers together under one banner, to protect themselves and one another from the Ra'uel's scourge, as well as any other threat that may come their way. This person's name was Jezebeth Nightsinger, and Jezebeth became the first Warlord of Kai'non, and the Warlord the other Warlords answered to.

But Jezebeth's lineage was betrayed by those that were charged to protect them. Success in battle does not always translate to success in politics, and Jezebeth rose to power too quickly, and made the wrong friends. The new Sovereign reigned for a short time, and then, along with Tyrenth Lightwind, Jezebeth's bonded vasi and mate, was executed for alleged war crimes. The fourth layer, on which Jezebeth was born, erected a statue in Jezebeth's honour, and Tyrenth's statue guards the capital of Ur-Nahaan. Jezebeth's children inherited the throne, and it passed down through generations, until the more recent ones. Cahirin Nightstorm's parents were killed, and the Fallen Legion hid Cahirin away on the third layer, in hope that the turmoil would someday come to an end.

Cahirin eventually had a child with Kentari Firebane, descendant of the royal line of Harche'el, the Kasvetlin empire on the third layer, and that child soon followed in Jezebeth's footsteps, gaining the backing of all other Warlords, to reclaim the line's rightful place on the throne.

The Shade Wars

992 AOC (Age of Chaos) - 1444 ASW (Age of the Shade Wars)
1,444 Years Ago - Present

Before Cahirin and Kentari's child, Asmodeus, had finished the journey, the Sparkling Cities, powerful mage cities on the fifth layer that housed many a necromancer, rose an army of undead Shades to remove the corrupt Sovereign from the throne. The Shades could not be controlled, destroyed the Sparkling Cities, murdered the Sovereign and did notable damage to Ur-Nahaan, and then spread across Yanan like a disease. They were hard to best in combat, and even harder to kill, and failing to kill them often led to them becoming notably stronger.

One Shade turned on the rest. Some say that Shade was chosen by the gods to end the chaos the Sparkling Cities had unleashed, but none know the truth. The Wars raged for dozens of years, wreaking havoc and dealing untold damage to Yanan's ecosystems and the balance of magic. Ultimately, the Shadeslayer made the ultimate sacrifice to end the Shade Wars, destroying the last of the Shades, and themselves.

The War was over, but the ilim and vasi had dropped drastically in numbers, the plant and animal life had notably suffered, and the climates of some of the layers had completely changed. Yanan is not, and will never again be, the Yanan it was before.

The New Era


Everyone lost something. Asmodeus reclaimed the throne, led the people through the Wars, and then passed the crown to Tihaan, the second-eldest of Asmodeus and Suyis' children. Ryhil, the eldest, was lost in the Wars, and Suyis, the famed Shadeslayer, scattered dust in the Fade.

Everyone lost something, and it is that loss that will reunite Yanan, and give them the strength to rebuild and restore. Yanan may never be what it was again, but perhaps it can become something greater.