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19 AVG (Age of the Vasin Gods)
~18,000 Years Ago

The first of the elder races, the vasi, come to exist on Yanan. None are sure where they came from, but the stories tell of how Suryan Starheart, the Dreamer, dreamed Yanan and the creatures on it into existence.


317 AVG (Age of the Vasin Gods)
~18,000 Years Ago

The earliest mention of gods besides Suryan is dated to this year. This mention is of a two-faced god of some kind, that acts as both Suryan's guardian and Suryan's nemesis.


827 AVG (Age of the Vasin Gods)
~18,000 Years Ago

Here is dated the first mention of a god of time, though no other details about this god remain. They are known only colloquially as The Lonely God. The first razziek is created of a ra'uel that a vasi accidentally bonds to.


1 AEW (Age of the Elder Wars)
6,335 Years Ago

Conflicts between the eldest races of Yanan erupted. Yanan, for the first time in recorded history, knew war, and it was a terrible, devastating thing.


1776 AEW (Age of the Elder Wars)
5,439 Years Ago

The House of the Stars is established on Panyanan, which later became part of Nebyrzias. The House of the Stars was a central military outpost for the razziek, and remains in razziek control.


2211 AEW (Age of the Elder Wars)
5,004 Years Ago

The land was incapable of handling the might of the warring elder races, and broke apart into pieces. The Fade, the space between the world of Yanan and other dimensions, wrapped around the pieces and held them apart, but connected together, creating Yanan's nine layers.


2497 AEW (Age of the Elder Wars)
4,718 Years Ago

The Elder Wars come to an end. Boundaries and borders have significantly shifted, some races have died out and new ones have been created in their place. The first mention of the rest of the vasin gods by name enters the history books.


173 AOC (Age of Chaos)
4,545 Years Ago

The Senha separate into the kasvetli and the sieral. The kasvetli settle Sarizobahael, building their nation within mountains and tunnels, and the sieral learn to live in harmony with the forests of Zallahta. The kasvetlin empire becomes known as Harche'el, the sieralian empire known as Iroyan.


214 AOC (Age of Chaos)
4,504 Years Ago

The House of the Sun is built and established on Ephimeloh, in direct response to the ra'uel tribes' threat. Ephimeloh becomes the first layer to gain a Warlord and a Warlord seat, Ur-Avici, shortly after.


299 AOC (Age of Chaos)
4,419 Years Ago

The first recording of humes; this unexpected race is assumed to have sprung from the razziek, but have a notable strange relationship with Force. Some humes can use it, but most can't. The hume nations tuck themselves onto whatever land the other races don't seem to want.


301 AOC (Age of Chaos)
4,417 Years Ago

The House of the Moon is built and established on Sarizobahael. While the kasvetli are opposed to its presence on their layer, they prove incapable of doing anything about it, as its forces are too powerful for them to overcome, and soon go back to their own petty squabbles.


440 AOC (Age of Chaos)
4,278 Years Ago

The ra'uel became a severe threat to all nations, races, and layers, and one person sought to unite the layers together under one banner, to help protect one another from the ra'uel. Jezebeth Nightsinger began the long trek across Yanan's layers, gaining the support and alliance of each warlord.


442 AOC (Age of Chaos)
4,277 Years Ago

Jezebeth Nightsinger becomes the first Warlord of Kai'non, and the Warlord that united all the other Warlords. Jezebeth was then crowned the Kazanic Sovereign, establishing the throne as an important piece of Yanan's government. The Circle of Light is also founded by Jezebeth.


4 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
4,273 Years Ago

Jezebeth and Tyrenth Lightwind, Jezebeth's bonded vasi and mate, ruled only for four years before being betrayed by supposed allies that would seize power for themselves. Jezebeth was forced to abdicate the throne, and summarily executed. Zrusalaeron, Jezebeth's home layer, erects a statue in Jezebeth's honour that still remains standing at present day.


5 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
4,272 Years Ago

Jezebeth and Tyrenth's only child, 2 year old Naitharon Nightwind, was crowned Sovereign. Those in the court of Kai'non that betrayed Jezebeth sought to use the child for their own gain, and Naitharon ruled only in name.


611 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
3,666 Years Ago

Sovereign Naitharon passed from health complications, and Naitharon's child, Tethys Nightflame, was crowned Sovereign. Ur-Nahaan, the Warlord seat of Kai'non, erects a statue of Tyrenth, Jezebeth's mate and bonded vasi, to guard the entrance of the fortress.


745 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
3,532 Years Ago

The first necromancers are recorded in historical text. Shortly after, the first of the necromancer cities, the Sparkling Cities, are established on Nebaelen. More join the first, creating a chain of cities across the eastern side of Nebaelen.


777 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
3,500 Years Ago

The idea of force technology gained its first words in common language. The people of Yanan began to toy with the concept beyond simply wishful thinking and began their first experiments into such technology.


893 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
3,384 Years Ago

Sovereign Tethys attempts to wrangle more control of Kai'non and its court from the court officials. Tethys is thus unfortunately shortly after assassinated, and Tethys' eldest child, Mnemosyne Nightshade, becomes the new Sovereign. Mnemosyne offers none of the resistance Tethys did, and the true power remains in the officials' hands.


962 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
3,315 Years Ago

Sovereign Mnemosyne has a child, Cahirin Nightstorm, but hides the child away, fearing the courts will end Cahirin's life to see someone not of Jezebeth's lineage on the throne. Cahirin is sent to another layer under the care of the Fallen Legion, the Sovereign's personal guard.


1061 AOS (Age of the Sovereign)
3,216 Years Ago

Mnemosyne's fears are realised when Mnemosyne is assassinated and deposed. Cahirin has a title, birthright, and claim, but no support and is unable to reclaim the throne. Baltazar Shattersky is crowned sovereign, the first not related to Jezebeth to sit on the throne.


164 AOR (Age of Renewal)
3,051 Years Ago

Cahirin begins to attempt to gain political backing and an army to retake the throne from Sovereign Baltazar. Negotiation with other layers however proves useless; none of the other Warlords are willing to risk their necks for a lineage they see as having been worthless to them.


767 AOR (Age of Renewal)
2,448 Years Ago

The first force-powered technologies are unveiled on Nebaelen. Nebaelen and Ephimeloh manage to push the ra'uel back, and they settle into the first four layers, which become known as the war layers.


889 AOR (Age of Renewal)
2,326 Years Ago

In Harche'el, the nation of the kasvetli on Sarizobahael, Empress Avari Silverbane is deposed in a coup de etat. Avari's surviving children flee the capital of Remoria. The eldest, Kentari Firebane, establishes the Nightmare Crusade in attempt to regain control of Remoria and Ur-Padma.


1033 AOR (Age of Renewal)
2,182 Years Ago

Lzutapez erupts into civil war; Kasarionth Starsear takes control of Dalmasca, one of its nations, uses Dalmasca to destroy Jihon and then declares all of Lzutapez to be Free City. This creates the Free Cities of Luxerion, leaving only one true nation, the ilim nation of Galace, remaining on Lzutapez.


1035 AOR (Age of Renewal)
2,180 Years Ago

Lzutapez becomes the first layer to have Force-defences against the ra'uel incursion. This bottlenecks the ra'uel's potential pathways, preventing too many of their number from reaching layers further back too quickly.


1215 AOR (Age of Renewal)
2,000 Years Ago

Cahirin Nightstorm is assassinated. Unknown to most, Kentari Firebane of the Nightmare Crusade gives birth to Asmodeus Nightbane, the last living descendant of Jezebeth Nightsinger. The Sparkling Cities began to work on a means of removing Baltazar from the throne without a descendant.


1770 AOR (Age of Renewal)
1,445 Years Ago

The empire of Harche'el collectively turns against and actively sabotaging bonded connections by trapping vasi rajins within mythril and thyricite bracelets. This event was at the time called the War of the Mythril Bracelet, but became known as the Mythril Genocide. Vasi whose rajin was trapped in such manner became mindless servants, similar to the effects of necromancy.


1771 AOR (Age of Renewal)
1,444 Years Ago

Asmodeus sought to repeat the journey Jezebeth took, and travelled first to Artenap to gain the Warlords's support of having a sovereign descended from Jezebeth again. Most Warlords were about sick of Baltazar, and readily supported Asmodeus' claim to the throne.


1 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
1,443 Years Ago

The first Shades appeared. The Sparkling Cities had created them from living Kazan and a being called a kshatra, which means vengeful spirit, but none really understand where the kshatras come from. The Shades proved nigh impossible to control, and dealt a massive blow to the Cities right off the bat, before turning on Sovereign Baltazar, and then the rest of Yanan, beginning the Shade Wars.


2 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
1,442 Years Ago

Suryan Duskrain becomes the first Shade to be created by means other than necromancy, by making a pact with a kshatra in hopes of ending the Shade Wars sooner. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and the wars fast spread across all nine layers. Asmodeus is crowned Sovereign.


345 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
1,099 Years Ago

The Warlords of the layers begin erecting tall barriers of strong Force, in hopes of keeping the Shades contained to certain areas like the ra'uel are. The Shades use magic that even the oldest and most talented of Forcers cannot fight against easily.


597 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
847 Years Ago

The first evidence of the Everfrost begins spreading across Nebyrzias, Zallahta, Ephimeloh, parts of Nebaelen and Zrusalaeron. Shades begin to gather together and form clans and groups, and begin to grow intelligent enough to think to remove their hearts, making them exponentially more difficult to destroy.


783 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
661 Years Ago

Prince Tihaan Nightrain, the second child of Asmodeus Nightbane and Suryan Duskrain, takes a Shade clan called the Icelancers on at Sarizobahael. After a ten-day siege, Tihaan emerges victorious, having destroyed all of the Icelancers, but severely injured and Sarizobahael is thereafter coated in a thick glacier, a more extreme form of the Everfrost.


971 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
473 Years Ago

The Nightmare Crusade overwhelms and destroys the Remorian defence force and reclaims the capital of Harche'el for their leader. Kentari is crowned empress of Harche'el, and ascends as the new Warlord of Sarizobahael. The War of the Mythril Bracelet finally ends. The Shades are pushed out of Nebyrzias.


1055 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
389 Years Ago

The last of the faeries of Zallahta disappear, presumed destroyed by the ill effects of Shade Force. Zallahta puts more of their soldiers, the Linaesin, on the front lines to help push the Shade lines back in response.


1078 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
366 Years Ago

The last of the Sparkling Cities still standing, Jeharan, finally collapses, marking the destruction of the Sparkling Cities and the end of the necromancer race. The sea on Nebaelen begins to lose water, leaving parts of the sea floor exposed for the first time in millennia.


1177 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
267 Years Ago

The sea of Nebaelen completely dries up. The vasi drop to the last ten flights. Suyis Duskrain, formerly known as Suryan Duskrain, becomes known as the Shadeslayer, and designs and builds the first airship, called the Har'zaref.


1443 ASC (Age of the Shade Cycle)
1 Year Ago

The Shadeslayer triggers a wave of Force that destroys the remaining shades - and themselves. The Shade Wars finally end, but the destruction left behind is unfathomable. Sovereign Asmodeus abdicates the throne and passes the crown to Tihaan.