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We're super glad to have you giving us a look! Getting started with Seidhr is relatively easy, but let's go over the steps quickly.

First Steps

You'll likely want to look over the lore first. You can find links to our lore pages to the left-hand side. The only truly important pages to read will be the history and races pages; from those two, you can begin making a character. The rest can be learned through play, or read about later. You may think that the world lore information is sparse. Yes, it is. There is a lot more to this world than what is here, but none of it has a notable impact on playing here, so it was decided there was no reason to type it out when it had very little bearing on anything.

If you've got any questions or need clarification/more information on something, you're always welcome to ask. I may ramble a little too much; I created the world Seidhr is set in twenty years ago, and it's kind of a passion of mine. Sorry for any over-explaining I may do!

Site Premise

In short, only a year ago ended a major event called the Shade Wars. In hopes of removing a corrupt Sovereign from the throne of Ur-Nahaan, the Sparkling Cities, a cluster of necromancer settlements, raised an army of half-undead creatures called Shades. However, the Cities could not control them and were wiped out, with the Shades going on to kill the Sovereign, and then turn on the rest of the realm. The War was long and it was hard on everyone; nobody got away from it unscathed, as everyone lost something. In the end, a new Sovereign rose to power, one blood-descended from the first Sovereign, and the Sovereign's mate sacrificed themselves to destroy the last of the Shades, marking the end of the War.

Rebuilding since then has been an arduous task. As everyone lost something, and the after-effects of Shade Force being used during the War has caused untold amounts of damage to the ecosystems of Yanan, there's nowhere that doesn't require restoration efforts, yet there aren't nearly enough people to assist in such efforts everywhere at once. Even worse is there are still factions against the current Sovereign, civil unrest caused by loss, and mild threats of devolution back into war.


This will be a little different than most are used to. The software Seidhr runs on is still new to many, but it was written and designed specifically for play-by-post role-play, and tends to just make sense. As the lead admin of Seidhr created this software, Seidhr may get updates to it before the general public. Seidhr is also on a server built and maintained entirely by the head admin, and it is located in the head admin's basement. When the power or internet goes out for them, it will take the server down, too.

To register, simply click the register link on the navigation bar at the top of the site. If you are on a smartphone or tablet, maybe even small-screened Chromebooks, you may need to click the three-bar icon at the top of the site to see it. Registration is for creating your user account, and it is the one and the only login you'll have for the site. Characters are not separate accounts and are managed by the OOC login.

We highly recommend, for security's sake, to make the username and display name different. This will make it harder for bots and angry users to try brute-forcing your password, but make sure you can remember the username, as it is this name you log in with.

Character Creation

Once registered and logged in, click the Characters link on the top-bar. You'll then click Create New Character. There's a series of fields on the page that will pop up. You can fill these in as you will, the only required fields are First Name and Alliance. The biography is free-form, you have a series of titles and boxes, the titles will label the boxes' content, so you can create an appearance field, titled Appearance, with a physical description in its corresponding box.

You can skip any titles or boxes you don't need. You can also go back to them later and add new information, as well as expand existing boxes. Once you're happy with it, click the Ready for Play checkbox at the bottom, and save. You can also save, and then on the character list, click the Mark as Ready button on their information row, whichever is easier.

Seidhr is a no-application site, and selecting alliance automatically sorts a character into their group. What does this mean? This means you are given the freedom to sort your character into their character group yourself, and once you mark them complete, go post with them without having to wait for staff approval. It does not mean that the staff won't be keeping an eye on the board, and correcting setting-breaking where it's found. Seidhr's lore is relatively loose, and most of the detail has been left out to leave creative wiggle-room for the player-base, but there are still a few things staff may put their foot down over.

If you have any questions, Oanke's inbox on-site, and DMs on Discord, are always open and available. You can also post a topic in the Discussion forum. No question is too stupid to ask. Remember, no one knows everything, and it's much less stressful to you if you just ask a question that seems silly than spend forever tearing your hair out over it. Especially since Seidhr's lore is purposely stunted! The answer may honestly not be there to find!

Anything can be done here, as long as their player can make sense of it, and can figure out something to do with the concept when its created. All staff are truly concerned about is a new player creating a character concept they can't get moving on their own. You'll want to have some idea of your goals and plans for a character before committing to making them, and again, remember to ask questions if you need help! Oanke is always willing to discuss character concepts and ideas with new players to help them make the concept suit the site.

Getting Started

This site does have a precedent for open threads being replied to, so feel free to start an open thread. You can also peruse the wanted requests to see if any of the wanted roles are interesting to you. You can also post a plot thread in the plotting centre, or post in an existing plot thread, to get some ideas going. You might also want to request a note board, a subforum specifically for you to keep track of whatever you'd like. You can also request subforums of it to be added if you'd like separate sections for different things. Introduce yourself in the Discussion board, or just dive in head-long, whatever works for you!

Happy playing!