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Kasarionth Starsear

Circle of Light 2,199 Reil 31 (Oct 22) Lzutapez 5' 9 Warg (Vasi, Sieral) Played by Oanke

Many have heard the name, few really know the story, and that's just the way Kasarion likes it. Kasarion was born a special child; born with seer abilities, extremely strong light Force capability that manifested very early on, and always a bit of an older soul, one could argue most of Kasarion's problems were self-imposed, and one wouldn't really be wrong. At a young age, Kasarion was a devotee to the god of light, Shilassa, and very vocal about others' rights.

At the time, Lzutapez was primarily a kingdom called Dalmasca, which had become as large as it had by conquering neighbouring kingdoms. Another one called Jihon was still standing and allied with Dalmasca, though the country was feudal and hardly got along long enough to be useful to Dalmasca, Macenia which was tribal and scattered, and Galace comprised entirely of ilim. The Free Cities were scattered to the west of the layer.

Slavery was rampant. It was how Dalmasca made a lot of its money, and Kasarion, born to privilege and power in the Dalmascan major noble lines, knew first-hand how terrible it could be. Kasarion had two other siblings, and together they were a triplet set. The other two were neglected; one parent disappeared, later Kasarion learned that Ksenian was murdered by that side of the family, and the other started talking an awful lot about how pretty Kasarion was, prompting the young Dalmascan to use poison to be rid of that headache.

Once Kasarion was head of house, things started changing. Kasarion raised an army, claimed the Dalmascan Imperator seat, subjugated Jihon, and then released all of Dalmasca's territories. In time, Macenia also disbanded, all of Lzutapez became Free City, and Kasarion became Lzutapez's first Warlord, and found a mate in one of the slaves Kasarion freed, Sanin.

However, the sudden ambition in the young sieral was mostly borne of understanding what was coming. Soon, the ra'uel from Artenap flooded into Lzutapez like a river of darkness. Kasarion had been preparing for their arrival, but the preparations weren't entirely complete, and the layer was quickly being overwhelmed. The line was steadily pushed back, closer and closer to Ur-Savisa, and Kasarion feared the worst.

In a last desperate bid to protect Lzutapez, Kasarion unleashed all of the power the gods had given when the sieral was born. In a sudden burst of energy, a wave the local histories now call the Wings of Light, Kasarion pushed the ra'uel hordes back, and created a magical barrier that separated the ra'uel from the vast majority of Lzutapez's civilisation. The wave did not kill, as someone else took the brunt at the last second, but did enough damage anyway Kasarion had to be made a warg, a vasi-warg specifically, to stabilise.

(Which is in the book! So I'm not going to tell you who died instead!! lol)

Peace settled back in. Kasarion kept leading Lzutapez, though the sieral's distaste for leading has always been obvious. Kasarion and Sanin shortly after had their first child, Arsirien, followed much later by Kilithel. Kasarion also not long after the release of the Wings of Light bonded to Sanin, which the Circle of Light didn't like for a long time. (Supposedly, Kasarion wasn't a "real" vasi, whatever that meant.)

Arsirien has always shown more interest in leading, and when Arsirien was old enough, Kasarion passed the position of Warlord of Lzutapez down. Kasarion and Sanin now travel, sometimes helping strangers, sometimes just experiencing whatever it is they can. Unknown to most, about five hundred years ago, Shilassa and Malassa finally faded, and Kasarion and Sanin replaced them as god of light and darkness. Kasarion's soul's name is Ytias, so the new god of light is Ytias, and Sanin's is Etiana.

Kasarion is a master of light magic. Being the god of light tends to help. Kasarion is also a seer, and capable of a few psychic manipulation tricks, enabling Kasarion to calm a person's reaction to an emotion, or intensify it, and some stellar healing.