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Sahura Desertstorm

Unaffiliated 5,166 Somewhere 6' 2 Warg (Jackal, Razziek) Played by Oanke

Sahura was born so long ago, most of the time since then and now has been lost. Sahura doesn't honestly miss any of it. There are snatches of memory from very early on, just flashes of pointless things like being momentarily entranced by the particular way the light filtered through a tree, or watching a dust storm tear across the land for the first time.

Sahura's believed to have been born on Ephimeloh, though the layers of Yanan have changed quite drastically and it may have been a different desert layer, perhaps Nebaelen was at one time. No one that was alive then really remembers, and maybe in the end it doesn't matter. Distantly, Sahura remembers having parents, but they're shadowy figures in memory that don't speak. Their voices have been long forgotten, but occasionally Sahura will scent an indescribable scent that feels like it belonged to one or the other. While it's no longer remembered now why or how, Sahura became the first warg, imbued with the strength of the forest by the ilim, which had once been quite populous all across Yanan.

Sahura had two children, Sethron and Sati, and Sethron and Sati were very close in age. They lived fairly simplistic lives for a long time. Through some twist of fate, Sethron and Sati disappeared, and were gone for quite a long time. Sahura never thought it didn't have anything to do with the slave trades, and Sahura's fighting with it eventually led to Sahura accidentally unifying Ephimeloh under the Desertstorm banner. Which gained a banner for the sole purpose of them unifying under it. Ha.

In time, Sahura established the House of the Sun, originally an extension of Ur-Avici, and pushed Ephimeloh to advance in many different technological areas. Nebaelen may hold the title of most technologically advanced, but a good number of those technologies originated on Ephimeloh. They just really like their desert.

One day, a noble from Lzutapez came and returned Sethron to Ur-Avici. Sethron unfortunately confirmed Sati had died at Dalmasca, and while tempted, Sahura managed not to burn the entire nation down. Sahura was fairly sure the young sieral, whom was introduced as Kasarion, would want something in return, but all Kasarion seemed to want was technology and other resources in order to face and take down Dalmasca and later Jihon. And Kasarion became the next Warlord after Sahura.

Sahura also very quickly supported Jezebeth's creation of the position of Sovereign, and has, in Sahura's own quirky little ways, been looking out for Jezebeth and Tyrenth's children where possible ever since Jezebeth's fall. Sahura was also the one that founded the Fallen Legion, for the purpose of protecting Jezebeth and Tyrenth's children post their execution, and has no excuse for their current state of corruption, but if Sahura ever comes across them, they may have a bad day.

During the shade wars, Ephimeloh was one of the bastions of safety. Ur-Avici was well guarded, and Sethron's eldest, Atenra, had by then taken over command of the House of Sun. The wars coated about sixty or seventy percent of Ephimeloh's desert in ice, and they lost plenty. The number of wargs has gone down drastically in the time since the wars began.

Since the wars' end, Sahura's been focusing on driving the Everfrost off Ephimeloh, assisting with the refugee situation, and helping Nebaelen recover.

None can honestly say they have any idea the full extent of what Sahura is capable of. It is known that Sahura is a warg, specifically a jackal-warg, and thus can shift into the form of a jackal. Sahura is also a very skilled Forcer, and some believe Sahura capable in swordsmanship but most don't make it past the Force-blasts enough to see the usage of weapons.