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Kentari Firebane

Nightmare Crusade 2,440 Sarizobahael 5' 3 Kasvetli Played by Oanke

Many years ago, Kentari was born to Avari, at the time the ruler of the kasvetlin empire of Harche'el. Avari was descended from the first kasvetlin ruler, Kythra, and their line was the rightful ruling line. It wasn't meant to remain, however, and many years later, when Kentari was still young, the royal lineage was overthrown, Avari murdered, and a new ruler installed.

Kasvetli are like this; they ever desire more, more power, more influence, more wealth, more land. And ruling all of Harche'el was the number one goal for everyone. It was through fortune and the help of trusted retainers that Kentari and Avari's other children survived, and Kentari later established the Nightmare Crusade, named for Kentari's title of Nightmare of Harche'el, which sought to return the Harche'elian throne to Kentari's line.

During the time Kentari battled with Shynriia, the new ruler, and the Harche'elian forces, Kentari met and fell in love with Cahirin Nightstorm, the last of Sovereign Jezebeth's line. With Cahirin, Kentari had Asmodeus, Kentari's first and thus oldest child. But Asmodeus was destined to do other things, with any luck, like reunite Yanan under Jezebeth's lineage, and Kentari knew eventually, another heir or two would be necessary.

The Fallen Legion, once trusted by Jezebeth's line, later betrayed and murdered Cahirin, and Kentari did what was necessary to keep Asmodeus safe from them. If anyone had any hope of ending the string of disastrous rulers that had sat in the throne of Ur-Nahaan, it would be someone with a legitimate blood claim. Like Asmodeus.

In time, Asmodeus grew and later no longer really needed Kentari's defensiveness. Asmodeus had learnt to be a very skilled Forcer, and Kentari relaxed a little. Asmodeus had to learn to fly without Kentari, because someday Kentari wouldn't be there anymore. In time, that was exactly what happened. And Asmodeus found love in a vasi, and Kentari couldn't help but think it was fitting. Asmodeus was almost Jezebeth reincarnated.

Kentari later met and befriended Navan, one of Asmodeus' vasi friend's siblings, and Kentari too fell in love again. With Navan, Kentari had two more children, Balssysn and Inxae, and while they were all raised in turmoil during the struggle for the Harche'elian throne, they were loved.

The Shade Wars hit hard. Asmodeus' mate, Suyis, purposely became a shade to protect the rest of the Duskrains, and while so many of them were lost, not all were. It could've been much worse. Eventually, Kentari regained the Harche'elian throne, and threw the kasvetlin forces into fighting off the shade incursion. Asmodeus claimed the throne of Ur-Nahaan. In time, Suyis devised a plan, and without much warning, became the catalyst for an implosion that destroyed the last of the Shades... and Suyis, too.

Asmodeus led the kazan through the Shade Wars, and when Suyis was gone, abdicated the throne to Tihaanth, Asmodeus and Suyis' second child, as the first was lost in the Wars. And then went to trying to gather enough pieces of Suyis to cause Suyis to regenerate like always the Shadeslayer did.

Kentari's not sure if it'll work that way. In the meantime, the Shade Wars did massive amounts of damage to the surface of Sarizobahael, and Kentari now has to figure out a way of fighting it. And some in Harche'el still oppose Kentari's rule. Isn't that nice?

A master hand to hand fighter, very skilled at Force. Kentari tends to lean toward the use of shadow Force or raw Force.