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Arsirien Starsear

Unaffiliated ‭2,181‬ Ethre 44 (Feb 4) Lzutapez 5' 11 Sieral-Razziek Played by Oanke

The eldest child of Kasarion and Sanin Starsear, two of the most well-known names on Lzutapez, to say the least, everyone expected great things from Arsirien. Of course, there'd never be a time Arsirien implied such expectation was a heavy weight to bear, or that bearing it was somehow regretted, but it is certainly not an experience Arsirien is interested in repeating anytime soon. Kasarion almost single-handedly destroyed Dalmasca, an oppressive country that once had strong root on Lzutapez, Jihon, another oppressive, and feudal country that had presence on Lzutapez as well, and then unified the layer under the Starsear banner, becoming one of the first Warlords to exist.

The work to get there, however, was almost too much, and Kasarion nearly died multiple times. No one said it was easy. Arsirien was born sometime after the fall of Dalmasca, and was alive to see the fall of Jihon, and the release of varying territories. While most will call Lzutapez's lands the Luxerion Empire, that isn't quite true. The layer had a number of Free Cities, small independent city-states that were self-governed, and now the entire layer is essentially Free City.

Arsirien's quite glad for it. Some time after Arsirien was born came Kilithel, the youngest of Kasarion and Sanin's two children. Arsirien was excited to have a sibling rather than upset about it, and spent a lot of time with Kilithel when they were kids. The two became rather close, and Arsirien still turns to Kilithel when someone ought to tell Arsirien to fuck off, you know, just politely.

Arsirien inherited Warlord of Lzutapez from Kasarion some few centuries ago. Kasarion had gotten tired of leading, which made sense as Kasarion would and could lead, but never did want to. In time, the House of the Moon, which Kasarion had also wrested control of from the kasvetli after Empress Avari lost the throne, was passed to Kilithel. Arsirien's not fond of them being separated so much, but visiting one another isn't too difficult of a task, either.

It could be worse. Besides, Kasarion and Sanin still come by, so family's never too far away.

Arsirien is one of the first Force Bladers on Yanan, fluidly combining Force magic with swordsmanship. By now, it's an art as much as it is a combat style, and Arsirien does not regret inventing it.