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Morgyn Emberstar

Unaffiliated 1,567 Sparkling Cities 5' 7 Sieral Played by Oanke

No one remembers, including Morgyn, whether it was Morgyn that was born first, or Ezio, but in the end it doesn't really matter. Morgyn and Ezio were twins, and look every bit alike. Morgyn was also born with dark hair, but later chose to lighten it to blond, partially to help everyone else tell them apart.

Morgyn's the hard-ass, or at least that's what Morgyn would have everyone believe. Ezio was the one with all the emotional range. Though both were born with the necromancy trait, only Morgyn trained it, as Ezio was always far too emotional to be able to handle the flood of ghost emotions on top of Ezio's own.

And someday, Morgyn became one of the Forcer Sages, powerful Force users that made up a thirteen-person council aimed at keeping Force usage smart and as non-lethal as possible. When the Sparkling Cities, in one of which Morgyn was born, began toying with creating Shades, it was the Sages that were meant to respond.

However, the necromancers of the Cities were well aware of that, and in short order dispatched most of them. Many of the rest were lost during the Shade Wars, and Morgyn only survived due to being able to teleport.

With the shade incursion being a problem, Ezio decided to start training the necromancy trait, and become a proper necromancer. Just as was suspected, however, Ezio was unable to handle the emotional burden, and eventually began to lose grip on reality. Morgyn put it off as long as possible, but in the end, had to kill Ezio, when the mind was too far gone.

Since then, Morgyn's been helping where possible, but mostly staying out of everyone else's way. Ezio's spirit never did move on, and has been following Morgyn around for around 300 years. Unfortunately, Ezio's a very old ghost now, and causes migraines by sheer force of existence. It's a tragedy.

Morgyn is the Sage of Offensive Force, and very skilled in all of it. A little less skilled in ice-based Force, but other offensive force types (fire, lightning, water, air, so on) come almost as second nature. Morgyn is also one of the last necromancers.

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Dec 31, 2019 5:19 pm
Morgyn Emberstar

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