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Ailill Windmaster

Ironscale Flight 3333 Kai'non 6'3 Vasi Played by Stormwolfe

Ailill is often seen as a typical cantankerous individual. Although slightly reserved by Vasi standards, he is far from being a loner by nature. After the death of his mate early in the Shade Wars, Ailill retreated further and further into himself, nursing a raw rage that benefited him during that time. He does not suffer fools gladly and is easily angered by stupidity.

At the first meeting, Ailill seems terse and standoffish. He is far from verbose but not quite taciturn. He is also a caregiver and protector. Combined with his other personality traits, this actually makes him a good friend, loyal mate, and a great teacher.

Atypical of the usual nature of a Vasi, Ailill is a natural-born warrior. He can suss out danger and has an instinct for tactics that helped keep him and his flights alive during the war.

Keywords: Loyal (+), Bad-Tempered (+/-), Highly Intelligent (+)


In his human form, Ailill is very adept with his twin butterfly swords and short-handled woodsman's ax. He dislikes hand-to-hand combat, but can defend himself quite well if there are no other options.

As a Vasi, Ailill is equally proficient at self-defense and offense. Although large, he is very agile when airborne.


Ailill has more skills with Force than he uses. He is quite adept at casting very realistic illusions built on the elements of earth, wind, and water. The wind, as his name suggests, is truly his element. Ailill can summon fairly powerful wind storms but as this takes quite a bit of concentration to manage and control, he does not rely on it completely.

Before the Shade Wars, Ailill and his mate lived contentedly in the collapsed caldera of a large volcanic system in Kai'non. Ailill had always had a fascination with history and the history of combat. He spent time learning both, teaching his human form to use such weapons as swords and bows.

Early in the war, his mate, Qezzeth, was killed. This catapulted Ailill into what seemed like a never ending cycle of rage and grief. His wingleader was able to turn that to the flight's advantage, sending Ailill on solitary and secret missions to gather intelligence.

When the war ended, Ailill returned to his caldera and returned to the cave system that he had once shared with Qezz (p. Kezz). In time, the rage waned and he returned to his self-imposed task of archiving the history of Yanan. This time, it was the war that occupied his attention.

For the first time in many years, Ailill has started feeling restless and longing for the companionship of his own kind. He will soon make his way away from Mount Cal'dyra, seeking other Vasi.

Ailill (Ai lil)

  • Meaning: The actual meaning is uncertain. It has been listed as both beauty and rock. In Irish mythology, Ailill was the young husband of Queen Medb, chosen by her because he was "a man without meanness, fear or jealousy, a match for my own greatness.” His argument with Medb over who had the greater herd of cattle led to The Cattle Raid of Cooley.

"Dragon" Size

Length: 60'

Height: 24.9' at top of withers (shoulders)

Wingspan: 105'

Ailill's scales are dark gold shading to a deep emerald green along his back and the lower part of his wings. The overlapping scale-plates on his throat, chest, and belly are a paler gold in color. His wings begin at the shoulder and appear to run the length of his body, including his tail.

His body is powerful and a bit sinuous, but not serpentine.