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Tihaanth Nightrain

Fallen Legion 1,443 Ur-Nahaan, Kai'non 5' 10 Kasvetli-Razziek-Vasi Played by Nova

Tihaan was born not long after the start of the shade wars. At the time, the former Sovereign and one of Tihaan's parents, Asmodeus, had just reclaimed the throne of Ur-Nahaan for their lineage. Asmodeus, and thus Tihaan, is descended from Jezebeth, the first Sovereign and Warlord of Kai'non. Unfortunately the grandparent that carried Jezebeth's blood was betrayed by the Fallen Legion, a military designed specifically to protect Jezebeth's bloodline, and murdered, and Asmodeus had to hide early on.

Fortunately, by the time Tihaan was born, Asmodeus was capable of managing the threat from the Fallen Legion, as was Suyis, the other parent, though Tihaan and older sibling Ryhil didn't meet Suyis for about a decade or so. Turned out Suyis had become a shade, and Tihaan was well-convinced that couldn't end well, but they became a perhaps awkward family, but a family nonetheless.

Tihaan dove headlong into military prowess. Tihaan learned to fight and fight well, learned military tactic, learned a bit of diplomacy and all the things one would need to become a proper ruler during wartime. No one wanted to think about it, but it would be very easy to lose Asmodeus and Ryhil both, and Tihaan to end up ruler, or even just Asmodeus and Ryhil to need a Warmaster. Along that vein, Tihaan became the commander of a military group called the Sthyrventlin, formed of members of the Fallen Legion that didn't agree with the betrayal of Jezebeth's lineage, and swore allegiance to the first Sovereign's descendants. Nowadays, they operate as Kai'non's primary military and the royal guard.

Even when most gave up, Tihaan never did. It got the royal into... quite a number of problems. Most of them Tihaan could get out without much help, but other ones required intervention of Suyis, Ryhil, or sometimes, the Sthyrventlin. Tihaan became one of the most feared warriors on Yanan, and also has earned the title Shadeslayer, for the destruction of a clan of shades called the Icelancers, which Tihaan achieved almost solo.

Through varying military excursions, Tihaan met a young sieral-vasi hybrid named Arael, at the time a member of the Linaesin, which Tihaan ended up working with rather frequently due to close proximity. It wasn't intended at all, but these things never really are, and Tihaan eventually fell in love with Arael. It was almost a miracle, at least in Tihaan's eyes, that Arael felt the same, because Tihaan is a difficult creature to love, and no one knows it better than Tihaan does. There would've been no blame at all, if Arael had ever decided to walk away, but that never happened, and eventually they became mated properly.

At the end of the wars, Tihaan had lost a good number of family members, including Ryhil, and most of Suyis' siblings, and Suyis too. Ryhil had died saving Tihaan, though Tihaan's never admitted that and left it at simply Ryhil had died in the spire collapse that'd nearly killed Tihaan, too. Asmodeus decided not long after to pass the crown and Sovereign title to Tihaan, and while Tihaan wasn't sure that was a good idea, there was no argument. Asmodeus then wandered off to go try piecing Suyis back together from the dust in the Fade, and Tihaan gets it, but...

Tihaan won't admit it, but sometimes, with just stacks of papers and the crackling of the fireplace, it's a little bit lonely and a little bit painful, and Tihaan can't even really say why. The Duskrain-Nightbane cluster was large, and now there's almost no one left. Maybe that's it.

Everyone lost something, though. Tihaan's losses are just one more drop in a chalice of blood and tears.

Some time after Tihaan's coronation, a name change was in order, for Tihaan had just become a Tihaanth after bonding to Arael. Arael's constant presence in the back of the head keeps most of the loneliness away, but there are still days when it's a little more of a fight than usual not to break down crying.

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Tihaanth Nightrain

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