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Sheyanth Duskrain

Circle of Light 998 Zallahta 6' 1 Vasi Played by Oanke

Like most vasi, Sheyanth, originally called Sheyana, was born to a flight, and mostly had no idea who was family and who wasn't due to how flight communities operate. Things were simpler then, but in time, Shey learned the flight was called the Firebrand flight, and the vasi Shey was related to were called the Duskrains. The Duskrains were a very large family: there was Alaera, Eeawin, Ferinin, Jerani, Nevaran, Perilyn, Silvaren, Navan, Naitharon, Eniris, Seivrin, Rakhshan, and Suryan. Their parents were Enir and Silaran.

To say the least of it, Shey grew up loved and ah, maybe a little badgered. With that many siblings, one's guaranteed not to be terribly sane at any stage of their life, and Shey and sane quite simply don't get along. Perhaps as a side effect of putting effort into standing out, Shey became increasingly nuttier over time, and now the red vasi just doesn't make any sense at all, most of the time. Incidentally, though, Shey is the only one of the Duskrains that turned out red in colour.

Later on, Shey incidentally tripped into a razziek-necromancer, and may or may not have saved said razziek-necromancer's butt from a ra'uel or two. Nobody that had any sense and knew Shey decently was surprised when the vasi randomly tagged Edornis, and the two have since become very close. Unfortunately, the shade wars started not long after.

The first one gone was Suryan; Suryan goes by Suyis these days, and returned shortly after as a shade. A very strangely sane shade, but the Duskrains weren't complaining, and Suyis was able to be present in Ryhil and Tihaanths' lives. Nobody's seen Suyis since the last implosion that eradicated the shades. Shey likes to think Suyis isn't dead, but knows better all the same than to let hope take up too much space in the heart. The Sparkling Cities fell right at the start, and Edornis lost everyone and everything. The Duskrains became home, and that was how Edornis met Inxae, one of Navan's children.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The shade wars ended, and by the end of it, there were hardly any Duskrains left at all. Now it's just Shey, Seivrinth, Navan, and Jeranith, and Shey's ... sad. But working through it, mostly by spoiling and doting on Moraxin, Edornis and Inxae's child. Shey likes kids, and they're less saddening to spend time around than pretty much everyone else on Yanan. Jee. Wonder why.

Shey's a master Forcer, preferring lightning like Edornis does, though has some skill with ice manipulation. Shey also knows some rudimentary healing, enough to stave off the worst injuries until a better healer can be located.