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Mnemen Starstrider

Ironscale Flight 2,372 House of the Stars, Nebyrzias 6' Vasi Played by Oanke

Mnemen was born on Nebyrzias, specifically in the House of the Stars. Mnem's parents' names have been forgotten, lost to time and buried under more important things, and Mnem may have had siblings, but isn't really sure. Vasi tend to all treat one another like family, after all, even when there's no relation at all. Mnemen remembers very little of being a dragon child, and chose a name when it was expected, and some few hundred years, bonded the first time.

Mnemen always figured it was destiny to become a talarin, because Mnem was nothing if not a fighter, and has always been rather large even for a vasi. Becoming a wingleader one day was a possibility, but Mnem wasn't terribly interested in it at first. Rather, the black wanted to see the other layers of Yanan, travel, help people. Mnem felt like there was a lot to learn, and was ready to learn it. Mnem's rider was called Arren Blackstar, and the two became a very well-functioning bonded pair.

Technically, Mnemen would be the most senior of the Circle of Light. The black and Arren had been bonded for a long time by the time the Shade Wars spread across Yanan like wildfire, and the two plunged into helping fight off the shades without a second thought. Some time into the wars, Mnem became close with an albino vasi named Jeranith, another member of the Circle of Light, and the two later became a mated pair.

As the Shade Wars worsened, and continued on despite their best efforts, the harder they all fought. In the end, it was sheer desperation that kept most of them from giving up, it seemed like, and Mnem wasn't much different. If Yanan fell to the shades, then that was that, and Mnem wanted there to still be a future, somewhere. Arren did too. Most kazan did, and it was one of the few things they agreed on without having to argue in circles about it first.

Unfortunately, during a battle on Zallahta with a small band of shades, Arren and Mnemen were separated, and Arren died. While Mnem managed to probably destroy the shades that did it, he took it fairly hard. Everyone that bonded and lost their rider always did, and Mnemen wasn't special in that regard. For a while, Mnem simply hid somewhere. Eventually, the black decided to take shelter with the Ironscale Flight, as battling with the Circle wasn't really an option anymore, and Mnem didn't like feeling useless. The Wingleader before Mnem eventually passed away, and due to the seniority rules of flights, a couple more deaths later, and Mnem was made Wingleader of the Ironscales.

It took some adjustment, but Mnem eventually figured it out. Nowadays, Mnem and Jera have a little ball of fur, not quite old enough to have developed a colour yet, and most of the time, Mnem stays with the ball of fur. The buzzing's getting louder, though. Sooner or later, the black will have to go find another rider. Mnem's almost too tired to care, but Jera's lost enough.

Mnem is a rather powerful vasi, capable of forming Force scales at the tip of the tail and using those and the tail itself as a weapon. The Force scales trick are scale-shaped shards of raw Force, either pooled together into the shape of a blade, or fired as projectiles. Mnem is also a strong Forcer, as most vasi are, primarily a user of raw Force or electric Force.

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Mnemen Starstrider

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