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Telrohir Darkrain

Linaesin 1,100 Nebyrzias 5' 11 Sieral Played by Oanke

Nowadays, if someone asks where Telrohir came from, the only answer they're likely to get is Ur-Sadriel. Most likely, Telrohir wasn't born there, but it's the first place the sieral remembers being. Not of very high societal standing, Telrohir was a servant for other, more high-ranking sieralian nobles and officials, and generally stayed out of the way and was, for the most part, unseen and unheard. Of course, servants hear a lot of things most probably don't expect the servants to hear, but it happened on more than one occasion, that Telrohir had some choice piece of information to pass to someone else.

By some miracle, Telrohir met and seemingly charmed the commander of the Linaesin, at the time Morohtar Darkrain, and later Morohtar adopted Telrohir as a child of the Darkrain lineage. As Telrohir didn't have another parent to get the other half of the last name from, Telrohir simply inherited all of Morohtar's surname.

Eventually, Telrohir chose to believe in and venerate the water god, Iaal, and when Telrohir was old enough, became part of Iaal's clergy in Ur-Sadriel. The family Telrohir served didn't seem to care if the young sieral went to services, as long as the chores assigned still got done, and always they did. Strangely, Telrohir came to be a valuable part of something for once, and the temple of Iaal became a new home. Over time, Telrohir rose in the ranks and someday became the head clergy member that represented the temple's interests to the nobility and the Warlord of Zallahta, whom also happened to be the sieralian ruler.

It was a nerve-wracking experience, for sure, but slowly Telrohir found a voice in there somewhere.

Still, it was quite the surprise when, one day, the sieralian ruler was dead, and had left behind no heirs. The last time a ruler of their kind left behind no official heir, the race had split in two and they were still at war with the kasvetli. There was scrambling and trying to come up with a suitable heir, find long lost relatives of the last ruler... in the end, the sieral went an entire 5 years without a ruler, and the noble houses were starting to threaten to gut one another. (Honestly, they were sieral, not kasvetli.) Never mind the shades were steadily pushing towards Zallahta, and no one had time for this.

Imagine their surprise when, one rainy day in the middle of reil, Iaal rose from the waters of the lake around Ur-Sadriel, and proclaimed a new ruler; and it was Telrohir, and for the life Telrohir has no earthly idea why. It wasn't like Telrohir was of royal blood or had any idea how to lead - but Morohtar took up the task of teaching the young ward of house Darkrain how to lead, how to etiquette, how court worked, politics... it was a mess.

Telrohir often escaped after lessons to spend time in the forests beyond Ur-Sadriel. Morohtar was always watching, but it gave Telrohir some time alone, and one day, Telrohir stumbled into a golden vasi. Just a solid golden colour, shimmery and really beautiful in the dappled light. Vasi liked the forests, Telrohir knew, because it provided excellent cover.

Without much of a thought, Telrohir pulled some honeyberries down from a tree, and offered one to the gold. And so began a new friendship, that eventually evolved into the gold bonding to Telrohir, and then love, and the Circle may have always fussed with them over it, but Telrohir had no intention of settling for anyone else. Seivrinth was the mate Telrohir chose, and the only one the sieral wanted.

At the end of the wars, Morohtar had been lost in the battle, as had countless others. Most of the Duskrain siblings, Seivrinth's, were gone. And Telrohir keeps moving forward, because the only way to go is forward, and just hopes that Iaal is still pleased with the ruler that Telrohir has become, and Morohtar, too.

Telrohir is not much for melee combat, but can handle some mild hand to hand, as well as archery. Telrohir is primarily a Forcer, however, and favours electricity.