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Inxae Duskbane

Nightmare Crusade 1,864 Falanna 79 (Sep 9) Sarizobahael 5' 5 Kasvetli-Vasi Played by Oanke

Inxae is the youngest child of Kentari Firebane and Navan Duskrain. Inxae has two older siblings, the first being Asmodeus, a half-sibling, and Balssysn. Inxae was born during the time-period Kentari was still fighting to regain control of the Harche'elian throne, though Asmodeus had not yet started the journey to reclaim Ur-Nahaan for the Nightstorms.

Though Balssysn is technically Kentari's heir for the throne of Harche'el, Inxae has always been an extremely active member of the Nightmare Crusade, some might even say a little too active. And from a very young age, Inxae was capable of having visions of the future, though these visions never make sense at first, and cannot be controlled whatsoever. They come, or don't, when they want to, and no sooner or later. Inxae is also able to see the shadow of death lingering around those that will die soon, and for a long time, refused to even make friends with others, for fear of seeing that shadow lingering around people that were close.

Eventually, Inxae happened to meet and later befriend a former necromancer of the Sparkling Cities. This wasn't intended on Inxae's part, but they came across one another relatively often, and Edornis happens to be bonded to Sheyanth, who is Inxae's father's sibling. Maybe the closeness was to be expected. Inxae liked listening to the stories of the necromancer cities from someone that had been there, enjoyed helping Edornis keep their memories alive, and when they fell in love, it was a scary prospect.

Inxae would've much preferred to ignore it, but Balssysn got a little insistent about it. In time, Inxae confessed, and Edornis didn't seem opposed. It was a strange outcome, but one that worked out for the best. Sheyanth is very serious about remaining ignorant to their love life, and has blissfully remained so without much trouble.

During the Shade Wars, Inxae and Edornis had a child; at the time, said child was too young to have a name, but has now started insisting on being called Moraxin. By now, the child's got a medium tan, red eyes like Edornis, and light pink curls. Moraxin seems to have a vague understanding of what's going on, albeit child-like, and has been trying to help.

Also learning pranks and general mischievousness from Sheyanth. Inxae would forbid the two from spending time together alone, but it's helpful and Inxae and Edornis are both very busy. Annoyingly.

Inxae is a skilled Forcer, primarily leaning on earth Force. Inxae is also devout of Dione, though still has respect for Ieldana and was part of the Order of Ieldana when it was active (it is now the Order of Dione). Inxae also knows some mild usage of water Force.

Inxae is also a seer, though this cannot really be controlled, and it just happens randomly. For the most part, though, Inxae hasn't had any serious visions since a few weeks before the end of the Shade Wars.

Falanna 73, 1 AOH
Jan 14, 2020 10:43 pm
Inxae Duskbane

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