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Rakaia Snowdawn

Linaesin 938 Zallahta 5' 8 Sieral Played by Oanke

Rakaia's lineage has a very long history of serving as part of the sieralian royal guard, making them rather high up the sieralian hierarchy. For hundreds of years, the Snowdawn family directly served the royal family, whichever family that may be, and traditionally specialise in stealth and curses. As all Rakaia's siblings did, Rakaia too followed that same path, and was trained to take a place among the royal guard.

Eventually, all of the other Snowdawns but one other were killed in various conflicts with the kasvetli, and Rakaia became the oldest survivor, which granted rights to the position of Commander of the Royal Guard. Rakaia took this opportunity for a time, and then decided that wasn't what Rakaia actually wanted to do, and inevitably passed the Royal Guard Commander position to Morohtar Darkrain. Morohtar was the Commander of the Linaesin, and just happened to also have adopted the current sieralian monarch, so everything worked out in the end.

During the shade wars, Rakaia stuck mostly to the Linaesin. And it wasn't terribly surprising to anyone when, eventually, Rakaia rose in the ranks and ended up falling in love with the Co-Commander of the Linaesin. The power imbalance was pretty obvious to anyone that had any idea what they were looking at, but Morohtar was a strange being that encouraged them rather than discouraged, so the two became a mated pair and later had a child together, whom later chose the name Arael.

And it just happens that later, Arael fell in love with the Sovereign's second child, Tihaan, and they too became a mated pair, and then Tihaan went and bonded to Arael as a vasi, and that was surprising but it was a thing.

Morohtar was lost in the wars. Nowadays, Darrean leads the Linaesin, and Rakaia acts as co-commander, even though Rakaia's not taken the official position. In Morohtar's absence, Rakaia's also begun bossing the royal guard around again, because somebody's gotta do it, though Rakaia has been debating handing it to Seivrinth, the bonded vasi of the current sieralian ruler, Telrohir. Because Seivrinth is already mostly handling what the guard would as it is, may as well go the whole nine yards.

Very skilled archer, also a decent forcer, Rakaia tends toward using the fire element. Also has decent knowledge of poisons and venoms and how to counteract them, as well as create them.