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Dec 31, 2019 8:45 am

One of our groups has been phased out. The impact of this is quite small.

Nov 27, 2019 8:42 pm

We are officially open! If you have any questions or issues with anything, don't be afraid to poke Oanke! I am partially looking for staff help, so if anyone's interested in helping keep the site going, you're welcome to reach out to me. Enjoy and happy writing!

Only a scant year ago, the Shade Wars came to an end, with the sacrifice made by the Shadeslayer to see the Wars stop. The Shade Wars may be over, but their effects echo throughout Yanan, and leave their mark on the Kazan. While all Kazan are tough, everyone lost something, and the task of moving forward seems as difficult as ever. Peace has settled, but it is the silence left in the wake of untold destruction, not a true peace, not yet. Only time can get Yanan there. Still, the layers seek to rebuild, grief grips even the most hardened soldiers, and some have even begun to believe Yanan is better off without a Sovereign at all, being led only by the Warlords. Yanan is in no position to handle another war, not yet, perhaps not for a long time, but has been at war so long, no one remembers what peace is supposed to be like.

Seidhr is an original high fantasy game set in the world of Yanan, with new takes on tired tales, and a world rich with opportunity, enchantment, and intrigue. This healing world needs pioneers to pave the way to a brighter future. Will you be one? Journey with us, and write your story.

Artenap is a lawless land, primarily comprised of deep valleys and canyons, tall and somewhat spiky mountains. The earth here is copper in colour, somewhat mixed with clay, and tends to remain wet for a long time, and difficult to make damp. Very little will grow on Artenap, though once it was home to massive numbers of fields. The ra'uel particularly like the layer, and tend to have the most reign of it.

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This layer is a boggy wetlands, almost a swamp, littered with fallen trees and waterlogged flora. Vines are also very common. Traversing the lands can be somewhat difficult, and the rivers flood frequently and often without warning, but a small cluster of sieral, razziek, and the ilim have settled the layer. Once there were multiple nations fighting for what little resources could be reached safely; one nation conquered the rest, leaving only one. The ilim nation is called Galace, and has remained on the layer since its formation two thousand years ago, allied with the empire, Luxerion, that now makes up most of the layer. Luxerion is comprised entirely of independent city-states called the Free Cities.

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The third layer is a large glacier. At one time, long before the start of the Shade Wars, it was a dusty and mountainous land, with precious few waterways and large expanses of nothing. The mountains were drilled into and settled by the kasvetli, and this layer is and has always been run by the kasvetli; they have little trouble chasing anyone that would contest such claims out. Since the end of the Shade Wars, Sarizobahael has become coated in thick layers of ice, called the Everfrost, which has spread to other layers as well. Also on this layer is the House of the Moon, one of the independent military outposts aimed to protect against the ra'uel.

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Unexpected Visits by Inxae Duskbane
Jan 14, 2020 10:43 pm

Zrusalaeron is a quiet, temperate forest. While technically one of the "war" layers, Zrusalaeron doesn't see as much action as the other three. It is almost constantly raining, and it floods often, creating pockets of wetlands. Zrusalaeron has a large ocean, from which the rains come. Somewhere around the centre of the layer is a statue of Jezebeth, which has stood since Jezebeth left the layer to unify Yanan. Zrusalaeron is primarily razziek.

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Nebaelen is the most technologically advanced, and once had a massive ocean on it that took up most of the land space, drenching the layer in a constant state of thick fog. It's generally calm and civilised, the climate relatively dry, and the sky always dark. Lightning storms are frequent, though it hardly ever rains. The ground is cracked dirt, somewhat of a wasteland, and reddish. By the end of the Shade Wars, Nebaelen's ocean, from which it generated most of its power, had dried up. The layer is now trying to figure out what to do for its power sources. It has too many factories to leave them unpowered. Nebaelen is a massive mixture of different races, with no one race having more power in Nebaelen than the others.

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Dec 31, 2019 5:19 pm

This layer is primarily comprised of charred ground, burning coals, and desert, and is a very hot layer. There are sparse patches of ice across the layer, remnants of the Everfrost that gripped the layer during the Shade Wars; through much effort, the inhabitants of the layer have begun to chase the Everfrost off the layer. Most tell of how there is a chain of lights from cities in the wasteland and desert leading the way across the layer. Most call this the River of Light, and it helps travellers find their way. Also here on this layer is the House of the Sun. It is also where the vast majority of wargs are.

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Zallahta is primarily made up of dense and deciduous forest. The layer primarily houses sieral. The climate is temperate, but extremely misty. It is also one of the only layers to have an ocean, to the west side of the layer, called the Light Sea. The sieral build their settlements into the trees, rather than of them, magically coaxing the trees to grow into shapes that are useful for their structures. It can be very difficult to find one's way around on this layer, and the forest can play illusory tricks on people, too. Some say the fae still live in the forest of Zallahta, quietly observing and awaiting their chance to return to the world, but it's most likely wishful thinking. The fae died out at the start of the Shade Wars.

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Jun 21, 2020 6:54 pm

Nebyrzias is an expansive savannah, primarily comprised of razziek tribes that generally mind their own business. There's fairly dry weather here, and rare rains. The rainy season comes once a year, and lasts for two months before leaving again. Much of Nebyrzias is wildlife rather than settlement, and also holds the House of the Stars. There used to be a large number of vasin flights that were on this layer, but most died out during the Shade Wars.

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Primarily comprised of mountains and rich soil, though it also has a few active volcanoes and lava floes. Kai'non is warm, but doesn't tend to get hot. It rains a few times a year, at most, and tends to be home to the most razziek noble lineages. The Ironscale Flight also migrated to the mountain range that its capital was built into the side of. Controlling Kai'non means controlling all of Yanan, and its Warlord is also the Sovereign.

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Moments In Between by Tihaanth Nightrain
Jan 02, 2020 12:53 am

Anything pertaining to the plot and character development side of role-play. Toss out board plot ideas, or just banter around little side plots to get the ball rolling.

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Dec 08, 2019 1:13 am

This forum contains special forums set up for personal usage by members. If you're interested in a noteboard for yourself, there's a thread inside to use to sign up!

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All general discussion and bantering out of character. Talk about whatever you like!

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